Wish: command "ExtendSrf"

Better refine this command:

  • Add a preview of the result (it is always better to first see what happens, otherwise you go back).
  • Add the ability to display the extended part, showing a isocurve limit the extended part, perhaps adding an option of split type of extended surface if you want to divide the two parties (the original one from the extended one).
  • Giving the possibility to perform an extension of more edges simultaneously.

Some additional refinements to ExtendSrf might be:

-Allow functionality on polysurface edges when possible.

-Extend all edges if a surface is selected.


yeah, that’s one that i keep running into… it’d be nice to be able to do more than one edge at once.

plus the preview would be welcome too… it’s nice to have a preview in all circumstances which could accommodate a preview… but with extendSrf in particular, it would be nice if we could, in the preview, visually drag the edge out to desired length instead of needing to enter an extension factor… because as it is now, i generally find myself extending a surface edge which will then be re-trimmed to another curve… and i’ve found myself over-exaggerating the amount of extension needed just to make sure i have enough new surface showing in order to cover the distance needed… so in those situations, i find myself wishing to be able to just drag the edge out visually
(2¢ etc… :wink: )

[edit]- and yeah, i see that it could be a lot more complex for the computer/resources to be able to do that… especially on complex surfaces… so i’m saying the above strictly from a user standpoint and ignoring the programming side of things :smiley:

Added to the wish list. Thanks for the feedback.

Great work Rajaa. The extended srf command works much better!

However, I noticed two anomalies, in two particular cases:

  • I cut a sphere and then made several extension values. At some point along with the extension of the surface strange lines appeared (they are seen on a horizontal plane). It would be nice to be able to extend and complete the ball!

  • Extending the surface of the cone trunk (right object). It would be nice to extend it to the top of the vertex, not anymore.

Am I asking too much?
Two Anomalies extend srf.3dm (409.3 KB)

I add what goes on extending more and more:

Rajaa, when the command can be used to extend polysurfaces (as in this case), then it will be truly complete and powerful.
extend polisurfaces.3dm (123.0 KB)
Here’s an example (Creo Ptc):

Do you look at this example?

This can work nicely in some cases with clean intersections, but can get very messy based on the surfaces that underly different faces in a polysurface. Do you think users will be willing to tolerate probable failure when trying to extend polysurfaces?

I understand it, it’s not easy. Meanwhile, we try to fix some simple cases that do not work yet, such as the extension of a cone trunk to its vertex (limit case) and the extension of a truncated sphere (cases I highlighted in another post).
The work you are doing is exemplary: the command in the Rhino 6 wip works much better than that in Rhino 5.
Thanks Rajaa.

Why every time you extend a trimmed edge of a surface, the command shows the preview but does not execute the extension?
(for example, in this case: extend edge trimmed red)
blend surface incorrect.3dm (237.5 KB)