Wish List: Extendsrf

It would be really nice to be able to extend more than one edge at a time. Select multiple edges then input an extension value. The way it is now I have to run the command over and over again to extend the edges I need.

you know you can just right click to run the command again right? so extend an edge, then right click extend another edge, right click, extend another edge etc…

Yes, I am aware of that… It is annoying when I have to do it 20-30 times in a row.

Mark, are you extending all edges of these surfaces or only some?

For now - once you have an extension factor you like set as a default in the command you can use a repeater (*) to ‘just do it’ on subsequently selected edges:

ExtendSrf (Click)
Type a factor - 2.25 and Enter


now run this macro

*ExtendSrf Pause Enter


Thats a big help, thanks Pascal!