Wish: Export Selected with Named Views


I often need to export portions of models but still need some named views with it.

It would be great if we could set which named views to export together with the selected geometry.

I thought this might help:

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No, that is the issue.

Export selected does not export named views.

Check this:

File with named views:

Export selected the cube. (no views in the export selected file)

It used to work in Rhino 6, looks like since version 7 the named views are not exported along with the Export Selected Objects.
I liked it the old way by the way, not sure why this was removed.

@pascal, do you know why this was changed? (and can we have it back?)

Hi Jarek - I am guessing/trying-to-remember here, but as I recall, there was a good deal of unhappiness that we exported parts of the file, so to speak, that were not really the selected objects - I think we used to get all kinds of file level junk, that people did not want, included in the export (also Copy/Paste as I recall) and that was most often not a good thing.


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I think it would be best if there was a menu similar to how the exporter works on skp to ask for options about views, etc.

It is basic workflow to export views with geometry when working on a visualization team. Sometimes you need to split a single file in multiple scenes.

It is also basic workflow when creating diagrams of a model that all need to be saved/exported/rendered from same camera.

Sometimes I will be updating massing as well as working on the context on a main file, and we need to export some diagrams of only the massing from some fixed cameras.

Instead of having to save as or save a copy, share the heavy file, download the heavy file, open the heavy file and delete the context geometry that is not needed, I could just export massing with cameras.

I understand not everyone has same the needs/workflows but someone on Rhino team should know how people utilize their software, this is pretty basic workflow stuff in average architectural office at least.