Mass Exporting Named Views?


I have an architectural project at the early stages which I’m iterating in Rhino, and I have a large set of named views set up (12-15). I usually export a pen view and a render and combine them in photoshop for each file.

I was just wondering if there is a way to batch-export a series of named views? I am usually going through each named view, changing viewport style and export as -viewcapturetofile, and I was just wondering if there this could be sped up a bit.

Also as a side note, is it possible to make a pen viewport which can cast shadows nicely? I’ve made a copy of pen, but the shadow settings seem to produce very poor shadows. The maximum diameter of the clipping bubble is always much smaller than the building i’m modelling.



Hi Sam,

Take a look at the scripts from @pascal and @nathanletwory here to export snapshots. Maybe someone can edit them to export named views instead?

Thanks very much Gustavo, that looks close to what I need. I haven’t any experience at coding whatsoever but I will do a bit of learning to see if I can get it to apply to named views too, hopefully a bad script cannot do too much damage??

Many thanks

Are you familiar with Snapshots? They are a super-set of named views: so you can save at one a combination of various things like named views, shading mode, material assignment, etc. You will see the options when you create one. Just be careful with them I would not trust them in a ‘working file’. They can create a lot of havoc, IMO you should treat a snapshots workflow as something you do to a disposable file.


Actually no I’m not, I’m just looking into them now and they look very helpful. Although I should have mentioned that my practice is still using Rhino 5 sadly, and it looks as if these are are for v6 only?



Hi sam - yeah, mine at least is a V6+ thing…


So why can’t named views have their own Windows sub-directory, easier to import/export.

Hi Pascal

Any chance this script could be made for Named views instead of snapshots? The functionality looks very similar to what I’m looking for (files names taken from the view names for example).