Wish: editable presets for render quality

No, I am sorry, but hardcoded anything is no good. Like many other graphics programs, please give us a choice what to do with presets.

Just so you know, a good final–without Denoise, in an image that has a fair amount of contrast is about 8,000 to 12,000 passes.

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…use a title / category (you can edit it…) that describes your topic - this will attract more and the right persons to get feedback.
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Title fixed

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for me: presets for Rendering seems like an interesting Idea → not just for samples.
maybe a preset with samples (or render time limitation), resolution, background, wireframe, channels, etc.

It may not have been in the best category, but I feel that whitewashing other people’s writing to make things seem more favorable–diminishes this forum.

I strongly feel that the user should not have to fight the current of the user interface.

Additionally, constantly having to shut off the denoise is annoying.

your title was not descriptive to the issue:

Please, this is not helpful

Whereas descriptive means editorializing. : (

I think you are making a big fuss out of something that is simply done to keep things organized and findable. If another user is typing up a similar request, there is no way your title would have come up in any search.

Your idea is good. Presets is something we wanted to get into Rhino 8, but it just wasn’t ready at the time, it wasn’t useful enough, people actually wanted to make their own, rather than the presets we had thought out.

Edit: There is the command RhinoCycles_ChangeSamples (no autocomplete), so if you are overriding the production quality settings, you can use that to set the render quality quickly. This also sets the viewport render samples.

I agree, this is filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-79777 and I’ll bump the issue.

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Well, I appreciate the potential for change, though people generally don’t like having other people edit their text–without mention that it was done.

If the tone of my post was offensive, it could have been deleted. What was done suggests that I wrote something that I did not. I am stating for the record that the title of my post was changed by the moderators.

Again, I think you’re making too much of a problem of something that isn’t. I just changed the title for practical reasons. Feel free to alter it to something you see fit, as long as it is descriptive of the post.