Wish: Editable 3D Text Objects

Hi RMA team,

whenever I use text objects there’s only one constant, like in any other text: It will have to be changed/edited.

All other 3D software we use have editable 3D text, and trying to do 3D text for /boolean naming’ parts before 3D printing is something we do a lot. And usually we do taht step when we are in RHino. Any chance this tool could evolve a bit? Have history?

tag-along Sub-wish: Each text object should have object data of what font and size it was create with, and then when creating new text, lets add a ‘match’ button so we can click on any existing text and match the font and size.



PS: Nerds, I think we need 37 likes on this post for this to become a feature in 7.5. So go ahead and voice your hearts out.

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History would be cool, I guess as a sort of conversion from a text block (which remains editable). As with other history-based Rhino commands, I assume as soon as one makes edits to the child objects, the history will be broken anyway.

agree with you 100% here.