Text wishes for V7

I work occasionally but intensely with text and fonts for 2d banners and for 3d objects but I find that Rhino lacks the abilities to do these fundamental things. The following wishes pertains to text in model space not paper space.

Text wishes for V7…

1.True mirroring of text (not just duplicating text to the mirrored location)
I need this for many uses, currently I have to explode the text first then mirror the curves for this to be possible but if I need to change the font it becomes a pita.

2.Exploded text retain history when converted to curves, in fact this would be huge time saver for me as now any change I make to text has to be copied then once again exploded and then positioned.

Example: text is copied then exploded; this copied and exploded text should retain the positional and scalable properties of the original it was copied from.

And History should not by written by victors alone but have true flexibility, there should be these check boxes when you copy a text object with history on.
Position, scale, mirroring, Font family so that exploding the copy to curves can reflect any of the checked changes, then moving or changing the original would auto update the curves.

3.Ability to warp text i.e. make it longer or wider
4.Ability to flow text along curves
5. Ability to project or pull text to surfaces

Rhino has come a long way working with text but it needs more options for it to become truly productive for cutters and pattern makers especially the history linking I am suggesting.