Text and Textobject?

Hello everyone,
question for the Text command, is it possible to find/replace text?
Why is Textobject and Text dialog box so different?

Try the command FindText…

Text creates editable text blocks (for annotations); TextObject creates Rhino objects (curves, surfaces, solids) which cannot be edited as text (they are just like all other Rhino curves, surfaces, etc.).


Thanks Mitch

Why not, I saw this example and somehow it works:

Sure - in FormZ…

I don’t see why at some point TextObjects in Rhino couldn’t have history related back to the original text… but right now they don’t… Another possibility could be to have Text (not TextObject) “explodable” with history (i.e. make a copy history related to the original text), or a command ConvertTextToCurves that’s history-enabled…