TextObject comments

Haven’t had occasion to use this in the WIP yet until now.

I have found the following technical issues:

  • Last used height doesn’t stick between uses
    (always goes back to whatever the active annotation style height is)

  • Last used text doesn’t stick between uses (window is always blank)

  • If justification is set to centered/centered, the insertion point is still in the lower left corner - you have to check “Use text center to position”… Why?

In general I find that having TextObject rely on annotation style settings in the WIP (as Text does) is not extremely handy and a step backwards from V5 as far as usability is concerned. A TextObject is not an annotation IMO. If the relationship Annotation style <> TextObject is deemed necessary for certain purposes, please give us a switch to turn that behavior off if we want to.

Thanks, --Mitch


Hi Mitch - the main idea was to allow using some the rich text stuff - not necessarily annotation styles, I agree we could dissociate that bit, if RT can be used without. Does that much of it seem useful?


Yes, I guess right/left/center justification might be useful… Otherwise, as this doesn’t really create editable text anyway, I don’t know why all the other RT stuff might be necessary… And as you can always explode normal text blocks that do have all the RT stuff to get curve geometry…


I noticed that the font goes back to Arial every time the command is used. We have our own custom engraving font that is used 100% of the time with this command (which we use constantly). In it’s current state, the TextObject command is going to be very frustrating.


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Yeah, I think it always resets itself to whatever the current annotation style text font/size/etc. is… Annoying to say the least. --Mitch

Hi Mitch - OK, I was thinking more of the ability to mix fonts, bold, italic etc., multiline text - that stuff.


Thanks, all-


I’d like to hear about whether you think the rich text controls are useful in this context at all, assuming the gripes outlined so far can be handled.


Yeah, I guess so, I wonder how many people will use it that way is all… --M

Hi Mitch - right, we don’t know either because we’ve never had that ability … I would like to keep it in, if we can without making a mess of the utility you-all need.

Tim thinks there’s hope - the not remembering the previous text was fixed at some point but then broken again and he’s going to re-fix. That should help not only that problem in itself, but also the reverting to Arial since the previous text will be as it was, He’s looking into just remembering a font and height, dissociating from Annotation Styles but keeping the rich text.

I don’t see why text objects cannot eventually be editable like text as well. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Hi Pascal,

We use the TextObject command a lot, but it is 100% used for creating text to engrave on our CNC machines. I’m not really in a position to comment on the usefulness of the new “bells and whistles”.


OK - thanks - at the moment I think we’ll be able to eat our cake and have it…


Yeah, that would be really great!


Hi, I use text a lot to mark parts to be machined. It is very helpfull if the latest settings and latest text stay.
Wish: automatic change of number in text, example: L B 1, L B 2 etc. the first caracters stay the same, the number goes up automaticly. Very handy for numbering parts.
Wish: text which is made of single curves. For V5 i have a script, in V6 it is not working.

Cheers, Albert

RH-40066 is fixed in the latest WIP

I’m finding that the -TextObject command (hyphenated so that the interface is suppressed) doesn’t work. I can’t get the text string entered to actually apply

Text String ( Style=Default Height=5 Rotation=0 )Hello

will appear as “Rhino”.

Also, there are very few options exposed. I hope there are plans to work on this command so it’s usable in a macro or script!



Hi @DanBayn,

Thanks for reporting this.


– Dale

RH-41442 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks. I will test in the morning.

Hi Dale,

It looks like some code has “leaked” here:


I seem to be getting hung up on the font in the scripted version:

-TextObject Height=6 Rotation=0 Font=Arial Italic=No Bold=No CreateGeometry=Curves GroupOutput=Yes AllowSingleStrokeFonts=Yes LowerCaseAsSmallCaps=No AddSpacing=Yes Spacing=0.333 UseTextCenterToPosition=No “Hey there!”

…is getting hung up at the Font= entry. If I remove it, the scripted command works well.

-TextObject Height=6 Rotation=0 Italic=No Bold=No CreateGeometry=Curves GroupOutput=Yes AllowSingleStrokeFonts=Yes LowerCaseAsSmallCaps=No AddSpacing=Yes Spacing=0.333 UseTextCenterToPosition=No “Hey there!”

Although it’s probably my mistake (seems it almost always is!!) I can’t figure out how to control the font. Is this related to the exposed code that we see in the illustration above?



Hi @DanBayn,

What you are seeing the the raw rich text (RTF) that the command remembered from the previous execution.

@lowell, @pascal, perhaps the scriptable version of the TextObject command shouldn’t show what was remembered?

– Dale