WISH: Draw Full / Short names toggle for selected GH components

I’ve been using Grasshopper for several years now and I’m certain about many of the component inputs. Sometimes my scripts get long and I could save some space by not displaying their full names. Unfortunately, I still need many of the components to be more descriptive by showing their full names.

I wish there was an option in the radial menu to toggle full names for selected components or there was a list of exclude/include components for displaying Full Names similar to drawing component names in Sunglasses.

Components that I would like to always show short names

Sunglasses Display Nicknames exclusion filter

Is there any chance that filling you with coffee would make you look into your very useful plugin and check if there is a chance to add this option? :wink:

Hi @Czaja, thanks, I think it makes sense. I added it on its Github for when I get my hands back on it.

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I see no reason to use the radial menu for this. A sub-menu of ‘Display | Draw Full Names’ would be more logical and consistent, I think.