GH bug? - looses input names in expression component when toggling 'Draw Full Names'

I had a simple series fed into an expression component. I changed the inputs to match my variables inside the expression.

I noticed the sliders were not catching the names of the modules i plugged them into.

So i went to toggle the Display menu “Draw Full Names”. Then toggled it again when i didn’t see the slider catch the name still.

However after another toggle the names of the inputs of the expression component reverted to ‘variable x’ and ‘variable y’ instead of ‘x’ and ‘y’.

Im glad i only had 3 components to rename (x2 inputs) but this could be a serious bummer if you have more expression components with more inputs…

And unlike Rhino 6, i couldn’t find the way to have the sliders inherit the input’s name from the component you plug it into. Broken or what did i miss?

Sorry if this was already reported.

Can when adding an expression component in Grasshopper it always have inputs named x and y whether the Draw full name option is enabled or not so that the numeric values ​​in the inputs are still recognized even when switching d one mode to another. Indeed if we go from draw full name = false mode to draw full name = true mode, x becomes variable x and when we reexecute the Recompute function the numerical values ​​are no longer recognized because the variables must not contain special characters such as spaces. Ditto for y which becomes variable y the data is also lost in this case and the expression component turns red. We can obviously correct the problem manually but it can take time especially if we have several expression components in the grasshopper definition and if there are some that are nested in clusters forcing to search all the ramifications of the program

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