Bug: Function component + Draw full names

If Draw full names is activated the Function component asks for “Variable X” in the expression instead of just x

Just rename the inputs (right click, type the name at the top of the menu)

I did that already, but i wanted to mention it since draw full names is just a visualisation option which shouldn’t influence the data flow imo.

Shouldn’t but does. It was added quite late and there was no way to keep it purely visual. It actually replaces the user names with the full names and back again. It’s a massive hack with very unfortunate side-effects for equation and script components.


thanks for answering, David. Since i got you here, i’ll make a suggestion for a future release: integrate the Bifocals plugin (it’s great for teaching)

Components will look different, but I certainly want the ability to show both the icon and the name simultaneously. Although I’m also hoping to get rid of those short, abbreviated, cryptic names used all over the place now, which means longer names, which makes it harder to draw them all the time because visual overload.