WISH: Double clicking on .gh file to open in the currently opened GH instance

I’d really loved to see double-clicking on .gh files to not open a new instance of Rhino+GH but rather be equal to opening the file from GH->File->Open

Is this possible to happen in GH1?

Is it even an issue of GH or Rhino?

Thanks in advance.

The file clicking feature is part of Rhino. I think @brian wrote it.

For 3dm files it must obviously load a new Rhino lest it overrides the file already loaded in your current instance. GH supports multiple files so in theory at least this is possible. It will be tricky though figuring out from within the file click handler application which of the currently running Rhino instances has GH loaded and is not busy calculating some ultra slow file.

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@ivelin.peychev if we did as you suggest, and Rhino had three instances open, which one of the existing instances should get the GH definition? The first one launched? The last one? All of them?

The one that is currently active @brian there is an order which one was active last in Windows as far as I know

:wink: of course it may as well be better to have Rhino tabs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw this is what Google Chrome does when opening .html files

Once you switch to Windows Explorer, there are zero Rhino’s with focus. I suppose we could assume that the last one with focus is the one you wanted.

Tabs won’t help anything, either - it just moves the problem around. GH documents are associated with Rhino documents, so selecting the correct Rhino model to associate the newly opened GH document remains a challenge. Though, I guess, there would theoretically be only one tab in Rhino active at a time.

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I don’t know how it would work with Rhino but quick search found this:

Also since GoogleChrome does it pretty well, the last active window gets to open the html file. I can only assume it is possible.

Do not understand I expect this to happen with the next RC release :wink: It will be a nice thing to have.

Stupid that I am I always double-click gh files and end up waiting Rhino to boot up then close it and then use File->Open in GH. :man_facepalming:

You could drag the gh files into the canvas you want. That’s only marginally more work than double clicking it.

Yes, I know I do that too. But I am working with single display (monitor). While I browse Windows Explorer or download a gh from the forum I tend to click directly on the download or double-click in WinExpl. That leads to opening new Rhino instance.

It might make sense for you to associate .GH files with notepad or some other fast-to-open program. At least then you wouldn’t have to wait so long to close the app.

Yes that will spare you the work, I agree. That is not really an option as when Rhino is not running I tend to double-click gh files where I know I don’t need a 3dm file.

That seems another reason why RH and GH should run as separate processes.

Thanks for all the details. I think I understand your suggestion.

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