Open files in running Rhino instance instaed of new one

Sometimes i need to open several files (but dont need them at the same time) so I think an option in settings to make double-clicked files in Explorer opened in running instance (if its running) would be nice. Which would do the same as if I did drag-drop a 3dm file into Rhino and choosed “open file”.

For Grassopper this would be even more useful - double-clicking 3dm and gh(one or even several) files would just open them in single instance.

file>import from the running instance will get you there?

More like file>open
Yes it does exactly what need, its just that my suggestion would make it more user-friendly. (since new Rhino instance is not opening as quickly as, say, MS Word or WMP, - that feels like a better option to force a single instance (option in settings for that, disabled by default?))

In my case there is no need to open several files at the same time, but sequentally (independently). For comparsion, its like when you viewing pictures one by one (seeking for some details, etc.)