Wish -> Display mode - Raytraced - Active Renderer

Under options - Display modes - Raytraced, is it possible to have one more option in the dropdown for whichever renderer is active at the moment ?

The problem is, if we switch renderers to a plugin

We have to remember to also switch the display modes

Why can’t the display modes auto-switch or better yet as suggested above have an “active renderer” option within the display mode so we don’t need to manually switch at all ?

What should be used if the active renderer doesn’t provide a viewport integration?

In my view:
a) It should default to “None” or
b) It should be an API requirement that render plugins provide viewport navigation in 2021.

The question rather is, what should visually happen? What would “None” mean?

I don’t see this requirement happening any time soon (but I could be mistaken just as easily).

It means this:
If “Active Renderer” has no support for view navigation the user gets the equivalent of having selected the none option.
If the user wants to explicitly change option from “Active Renderer” to Cycles for view navigation they can still do that manually.
My suggestion does not remove anything. Is an “Active Renderer” option really so catastrophic, it fixes more UI disconnect than the issue you mention.

The thing is that the different display modes are provided by the different render plug-ins (Raytraced, ProRender, Bella). I don’t think overriding these settings automatically is correct.

I can see a special display mode that would work as you suggest though.

RH-64705 A display mode that uses current render plugin integration


In case of Rhino Render / Raytraced there is a complication: Rhino Render is a different plug-in than the plug-in that provides Raytraced…

That’s the initial problem. Now we have a UI disconnect that makes it necessary to change render options in TWO locations. We have to switch renderers AND switch render modes. In my book this is not good UI design, because we have to deal it more often like a pebble in your shoe. In the alternative you only get an issue in the off change a plugin is not modern enough to have view navigation, but that is a one time fix; the user can deal with it once by adjusting the Display mode to something like Cycles.

Also, If there was an “Active renderer” option in the DisplayModes, maybe the plugins wouldn’t have to provide their own viewmodes because a single display mode would auto-capture multiple fish in one go and reduce the clutter on the viewport menu (which is already too long)

A renderer doesn’t have to provide a viewport integration. A plug-in providing a viewport integration doesn’t have to be a renderer plug-in…

Then these guys will not use the “active renderer” option if their product wouldn’t work with it.
Did I insist to make it mandatory and delete the other options ?

Also, how does the current way solve things better ?
When I switch to Bella everything looks almost black. You have logical issues already.

I am merely thinking out loud. I do think Active Renderer pipeline is an interesting option.

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I agree.