Raytraced view interrupts the view pulldown menu

When ever I want to change view mode when Raytraced is active I have to be really quick, because Raytraced interrupts the mouse and “clicks” on the next redraw and makes it choose the mode or option the curser happens to hoover over.

In example if I want to change view from the nested “Set view” menu then I am bound to get something else since it takes time to navigate down. This is quite frustrating so I have a habbit of allways clicking on wireframe first, then do my thing and then turn Raytraced on again.

Raytrace also makes a lot of other panels not update, like focal blur. It ofthen doesn’t appear or appears with the previous view setting.

I think Raytraced reveals a problem in the menu and UI code rather than cause it. There is very little interaction with the UI and OS going on per se, the only bit Raytraced really does is signalling Rhino that a new result is ready. But somehow this triggers UI message pump problems, for instance for some users it can happen that dialogs like the color picker, or other dialogs, don’t pop up in front of Rhino. In almost all cases one should see such a dialog appear after pressing Alt, maybe Shift.

We do see the what is going on in the windows message pump, but we haven’t been able to 1) reliably reproduce, 2) find the real problem nor 3) fix it.

The throttle value was added to help with this somewhat, but it isn’t much good when doing heavy scenes, especially when the GPU rendered on is also the one driving the monitor.

I keep trying to find a fix for this quite regularly, though.

Thanks. One thing that is bothering me is that often the foal blur menu doesn’t appear. So I have to switch to another display mode for it to appear and then switch back to Raytraced.

Hmm, that I haven’t see yet - I think I’ll have to spend some more time with raytracing on the main display as well.

p.s. (pun not intended)

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