[Wish] : disable original object display wire for transforms

Hi there,

Working with dense meshes, I often find it quite difficult to transform objects because of the wireframe getting in the way of shapes, even in Rendered or Shaded modes. I see many other users here struggle with the same issue.
We figured out a way to disable selection highlighs and toggle them per-display mode in such cases, which helps a lot, but the other problem is the ‘locked’ wireframe that Rhino always shows when transforming objects.

In most cases naturally this “orginal” wireframe is very helpful as a reference or a geometry to snap on, but there are models and cases where it is not needed and just occludes everything with no way to disable it.
Could we please have an option (either global or per-display mode) to not show these “original” wireframes? It would be really helpful, and also I am guessing may be easier to implement than the alternative selection highlight methods.

thank you,


The locked wireframe only shows when you select the whole object. If you only select sub-objects then, the locked wireframe won’t be shown.

You can toggle object highlighting using the following plug-in:

Hi Jarek - here, the original is always drawn behind the object being moved except in rendered display mode - there it mixes more - is that what you see?