Wish - Hatches Properties in the MatchProperties Command


As my title says. It would be great that I could use the MatchProperties command with hatches. At the moment only the layer and the layer color are the only properties matched. Would it be possible to add to the list the following:

  • hatch pattern
  • hatch scale
  • hatch set base
  • hatch rotation

All the best,


Hi Miguel,

there is a tool that does what you want

just select the hatches you want and go to properties and hatch section (as seen below) press this button it will ask your reference hatch its all done :smile:

hope it is what you want but i agree with you “match” command can match hatch properties at least we should check uncheck it

That is what I was after. But doesn’t it make sense to have it as a command?
I mainly use the command line that is why I missed it. :slight_smile: or is there a command for this?

Thanks @Blastered,


I use MatchProperties when I want objects to match completely, including Match in the hatch panel.
match texture mapping - that’s another thing I often match manually while using MatchProperties.



Run again into this. I wish it gets added to Rhino 6.
Also I’ve noticed that it would be beneficial to MatchProperties to Dim Styles and Text etc.

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