Shortcot/ Macro for Match Hatchpattern

Is there a possibility for a shortcut/macro for match hatchpattern - similiar to MatchProperties?

It’s a bit akward to always having to use the Match button for this - whereas most of everything else works with (fast) shortcuts.


Hi - we have a wish for including hatch properties in the MatchProperties command and I’m adding your request to that item - RH-27591.

Until that gets implemented, from the thread in that report, it looks like @Holo has a script to do that that he might be able to share. :wink:

Yeah, my hatchmatch is a lifesaver.
So send me a PM if you are willing to report how it handles in your use.
It is made for my use, but there might be limitations that I didn’t think of.

It matches layer, color, hatch type, scale, origin and orientation.

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Hi Holo

Where can I find that script? Thanks.

I’ll PM you the script

Perfect, thanks.

Any Way to add this to a Macro/ Shortcut?

Hi - what Jørgen sent you was written to be put on a button:

-_RunPythonScript (
### --- HatchMatch by Holo
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs



To make an alias or keyboard shortcut, you have to extract the python script from this and save that to a file on your PC - e.g.

You get the python script by deleting

-_RunPythonScript (

at the top and the


at the end of that code.

Finally assign

! _-RunPythonScript “Full path to wherever you save the py file, in double quotes\”

to your alias or keyboard shortcut.

On second thought, to make it easier I just put it here: (905 Bytes)

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Thanks for the script Holo, we’ve been needing this in our shop for a long time.


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Works well.

Only thing I can’t get working with this script is if printcolor = display. Does ObjectPrintColor not take display as an arg?


rs.ObjectColor(obj1, color)
rs.ObjectColorSource(obj1, colorsource)
rs.ObjectPrintColor(obj1, printcolor)

Hm… I might have to add a printcolor type thing. I’ll look into it.

Dear Holo

Your precious script isn’t working anymore in the latest Rhino 6, 6.18.19266.14201

Is there any way to resolve this? Thanks.