Wish: Command line to show selected object's name

Currently, when selecting one or multiple objects, the command line shows text like:

“1 polysurface added to selection.”


“11 curve points, 1 curve, 1 surface, 2 polysurfaces added to selection”

However, there is a large unused space on the right side of this text that could be used in a clever way to show the select object’s name.

Of course, in the case of too many selected objects not all of them can be listed there (or they can, if these are arrows at either end of the object names /exactly like it’s done with the internet browsers when too many tabs are opened/, or a clickable “List” option in the command line that opens a vertical list of the selected objects that could be also copied in the system memory), but even if it’s limited to just showing several object names, that would be still much better than having nothing at all.

It is especially useful while selecting individual objects, because the user can easily see the object’s name at the command line rather than being forced to have the Properties window constantly opened, which heavily reduces the working area of the viewport.

A proposed version of this would look like this:

“11 curve points, 1 curve, 1 surface, 2 polysurfaces added to selection (“List all” “Filter”)”

Clicking on “List all” will open a separate window with vertical list of the selected objects and their names, as I mentioned above.
“Filter” will allow the user to choose whether the list will show the object names of all selected objects or only those of certain types of objects, such like polysurfaces, surfaces and extrusions, while the other object types like curves, points, meshes etc will not be listed, in order to make the list shorter and easier to read. Obviously, curve and surface points don’t have their dedicated names, so they are not shown in the list by default.

If “List all” is clicked in the above example, it will show something like:

"Selected objects:
11 curve points


Stairs 25G

Pole 18
Frame x2

Click to copy all names"

Selecting a single object will result in the following text in the command line that included its name in the brackets:

“1 polysurface added to selection (Door hinge 75-3a).”



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I like this idea. I sometimes found myself rotating the view so that another object is behind something that I want the name of. The pop-up will then show the names of both objects rather than going to properties and selecting the correct object properties. Crazy I know, but your suggestion would Help.

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That’s funny, because I also use that weird false selecting just to get to the object’s name in a quicker way than opening the Properties window. :smiley: