V6: Feature Request: Show Named Objects

If named, I would like to see the name name of any single object in the command line, when selecting a single object, such as:
1 extrusion added to selection: Motherboard Bounding Box
1 point added to selection: Hinge Point
1 curve added to selection: Les Nessman’s Desk Perimeter.

So, I want my friend to be able to learn what the parts are/do in a machine.
Thanks for your consideration,

Hi Brenda - for now, you know that Properties will show this, right?



If this feature was added someone could learn what all the named objects, blocks, parts were in a drawing with one click each, and do it irrespective if the have the [F3]/Properties windows open.

If the object was named, it would also remind us we have chosen the correct object over the wrong one.