RHINO WISH! Command Line Block Names on Selection!

Would loooooove to see the Block name in the command line when it’s selected!!!
I’m constantly needing to change to my properties to see what the block name is I have selected, would love to know from just glancing at the command line…



great idea but, how do you handle when more than one block with more than one name are selected? how do you handle when 500 blocks with different names are selected?

Right. I think it’s really just a single click situation, where you just want to select it and know which one it is and what you call it. There’s something going on inside of the block that when you are inside and you have multiple blocks inside and you’re working in one, and you hide stuff and then you try to go into another and forget to unhide - it’ll prompt you but even if you hit cancel, it will somehow make copies of your parts - and I’m not sure if it copies everything or what was hidden or what, and then somehow, sometimes - it renames things - especially when it does this weird copy thing. So I think if you have 1 block with 500 blocks inside of it and you single-click it - it will tell you the name in the command line. And if you are inside of a block and single click another block it will tell you the name in the command line. However if you single click and then add to your selection it should just say 2 block instances or however many you add to the selection. If you select a bunch all at once, same thing. I just want something on a single-click.

not to kick the obvious kid, but you know about this, yes?

if your blocks are named they show up in the object name section of the object properties.

Yes, that is how I know what the block is called. I’m hoping to see in the command line so I do not need to switch to properties in case I am on another panel, full screen etc…

right, but my point is if you select two or more blocks with different names how do we handle that? Having it work for one block only is not entirely reasonable IMO.

LOL yes. I’m only referring to a single-click situation. Selection multiples or adding to selection, is not a part of this need. As I am working with like 50 blocks and they are close to each other or maybe even very similar but are still unique enough for me to create a new block, I need to know which one it is. My naming conventions help me to stay organized – and like I said, sometimes the names get messed up due to some weird bug or something— so I either need to go in and rename the block or continue to click through and find the block I am looking for. And, if I’m on another panel, I need to switch to properties to see - so it’s just a wish. It’s probably not for everyone, I understand that.