WISH (enhance): "extend curve on surface"

  • Possibility to extend a curve even on Polysurfaces.
  • Possibility to decide a limit of extension of the curve (up to a point, up to another line …). Give also the possibility to choose whether to extend the line in a sense, in the other, or in both directions. The whole thing could be done interactively, showing a live preview during the execution of the command,
    for example, by pulling the handles.

Good suggestions davide76… thanks. I’m not sure if all are possible specifically support of polysrfs with the current implementation but I’ve filed these enhancement requests as RH-20371 This is not publicly visible yet however.

Add: extend the curve not only in linear mode (G1), but also so soft (G2).
(Extend the curve with handles, interactively, it would be the best!)

In Rhino 6: it would be correct to extend the curve on the surface interactively (it would be useful to have a simple handle to pull, like any other CAD), by choosing the user and not forcing it to do the command (this rule should be of the type general).
In addition, the command extends the curve only in “linear” mode (G1), a “soft” (G2) type should be added.

Only then would this command become more complete and performative. Adding just a simple option in Rhino 6 wip is not enough, it gives a feeling of incompleteness and little evolution!
Rhino should be seen as a serious, professional CAD, not a “toy”.

Extending the curve to the surface by means of a handle would be the top. The user must be able to decide to what extent the extension (up to the edges of the surface should be an option). Next you can think of adding “join” and “trim” options to complete everything.
Additionally, you should be able to have a linear (G1) and soft (G2) extension option.
This way the command can be considered almost complete.
I think it’s not very difficult to add to the wip of Rhino 6 …