Wish: Button separator

When doing some heavy modelling, I find a better ergonomic flow with buttons more centralised on the toolbar. Any support for the suggestion of an adjustable separator or Left,Right,Middle justification.

There is one.
Right-mouse click with your pointer floating over a toolbar.

The current separator is really narrow. You can’t visiually separate the buttons between them.

I have to use 3 of them to have enough space between buttons.

Can we add some left-right paddings to the separators for better functioning?

And maybe a little white gradient next to the current black one to give them some depth?

I was the one during V5 WIP progress who gave the idea to use gradient instead of solid stripe :slight_smile: I’m gonna be the separator responsible of UI :slight_smile:

A question perhaps related to this: How do you move the position of buttons that you created yourself?

Shift+Left click on the button and drag/drop where you want it…

By the way, holding shift hovering a separator shows “Move/Edit” tooltip. However, editing is not possible.

Edit is a Shift + RIGHT click on the button.

It works on buttons, but not on separators. But tooltip still shows editing option for separators.

I guess it doesn’t know the difference between a separator and a button (as far as tooltips go)…

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