Deleting a separator?

Hi, I am currently using Rhino 5 and I accidently added a separator (two small arrows bottom right corner of the picture) in my toolbar and I am trying to get rid of it. I read that it acted like button so you could press shift and drag it outside to delete it, but it won’t work, I cannot drag the separator. Sans titre
By the way, the separator is empty, and it is actually two separator together.

hello - The double arrow/chevron indicates there are more buttons or separators available in the tooolbar than can be displayed at the current size…if you stretch out the toolbar so you can see all of the buttons and separators. Separators are the tiny vertical bars that separate horizontally arranged toolbars into sections - these can be hard to select and drag but it is possible. You should be able to shift-left-click and drag the separator out onto the Rhino viewport and delete it.


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When I add a button, the arrow disappear, if I delete the button, they are back. When I click on those arrow (even while the toolbar is stretched), all I get is this: Sans titre

I added 2 more separator, so you can actually see the 4 separator… and sorry for the time lost for such small details, it is not that much of a problem, was just curious to see if it was possible to fix it. Perhaps it is just because I do not really understand how to play around with separator (like how to make them physically appear).

  1. Right mouse click in the open space in the toolbar
  2. Float your mouse pointer over the Edit Button flyout
  3. Click on the Separator
  4. Click OK on the “Remove separator from the toolbar?” prompt.
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My bad! It was that simple! Thank you! I am scared to play around settings too much, I don’t want to mess up my setup x)