Wish:booleans:show backfaces during command

never got around to customize it myself, as it involves scripting with getting the current displayMode and setting it back after the command is completed.not a 5 min job for me, but I think it would be a general improvement for the workflow. eg. when I do booleanDifference with a surface murphy says I will always get it wrong on the first try…

Hi Daniel - that might indeed be useful… for now, if only two objects are involved, BooleanTwoObjects should help get the result you want - you get to click-click-click to see all the possible Boolean combinations and Enter when you like what you see.


fascinating… I should be reading command list for bedtime again. for two objects that is indeed helpful. I guess adjusting the shading for the objects during the command is still helpful because you do not need to switch your display mode at all. eg from wireframe or any other that has normal backface display.

thanks Pascal