Revamp the Boolean commands

Hey guys, so this is Rhino5 and I’m just thinking about,while watching Vice Motherboard docus on future technologies like cyborg bugs to actually get over almost hours of waiting while processing Boolean Operations on a rather complex shape.

Found two improvements:

  1. When using extruded curves as on driver automatic SelDup and Deldup should be an option to speed things up
  2. oben edges or other issues that could cause trouble should be highlighted while getting a prompt to fix this before performing Boolean operations again
  3. and most importantly I’ve found out that when splitting up the poly surface to substract the driving polysurfaces would speed the process up tremendously.
    Why not implementing this as an hidden operation and also hidden merge planar surfaces again?

Just thinking (and waiting…)

Hi @hannesgrebin

You might know this already, but a little trick for planar designs like this: Use the outline and interior curves to make a planar surface with all the trims in place and then extrude the resulting surface, rather than extruding the main shape and then booleean’ing all the small details. It’s usually MUCH faster!

HTH, Jakob

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@normand wow thanks a lot. I think it’s always why Rhino keeps u sane and flexible - there are always 100 ways and you better think out of the box and save a ton of time :slight_smile: