WISH: blend and fillet edge

If you like, take a look at this video: potential of UGS NX to achieve Blend edge and chamfer edge.
Note the possibility to realize type fittings setback, choose the form of the fitting, choose the length of the fitting on the edge chosen; chamfer asymmetrical … and much more.
I wonder if we’ll see something like this in Rhino 6 …

I think some of these features belong to advanced solid modeling category. all solid modeling software can do this easily(but much expansive price). so you will not see something like this in rhino 6,but maybe rhino 8.
rhino may do this on some basic geometry,but will fail quite often on some complex geometry,because it lack of a solid based kernel.

Add a function that allows you to perform a fitting type of setback, or run a chamfer asymmetric do not think it impossible for Rhino or is the prerogative of solid modelers. Like you said, maybe we’ll see these things in Rhino 7 or 8 in Rhino.
If you remember, in the past, even the fillet variables seemed impossible and prerogative of solid modelers, and instead have been implemented in a more than acceptable in Rhino 4! To me, nothing is impossible, just find the right way and do not waste unnecessary labor resources to other fronts.

Asdfsjal, if it were as you say, considering that a new version of Rhino comes out every 4-5 years, we will see what I ask only in ten years; in the meantime, who knows how many things will change!

yes,4-5 years is too long for a software,too many emerging new technology can have chance to change the cad industry.

Have a look at VIACAD it does most of the things that the expensive solid modelers do, its based on the same code.

An approach of this type (also as external plug-in would be fine) and Rhino modeler would become the number one (in addition to the Sub-D).
It would be a fantastic surprise useful to many!

The developers’ effort is to be awarded, the comparison is a little risky (kernel Acis vs owner Nurbs Kernel), but Rhino fillet are very basic and not very efficient, unfortunately!