WISH: Improving solid modeling in Rhino 6


Solid modeling in Rhino 6:
what do you think? I’d like you could do something like that.


I forgot, no less important factor for a solid modeling that respects: look at the fillet!
This would be a real revolution in Rhino, I think, be able to do this kind of operation in a more immediate way.
I know it is difficult to develop all of this, for many reasons, but something you can always improve in this direction.
Good work, developers of Rhino! :slight_smile:

(Brian James) #3

Thanks davide for all the feedback and wishes. Interactive fillets and blends is definitely on the list to look into for solid modeling improvements in Rhino 6. I can’t guarantee when and if anything like this will happen but keep an eye on the Rhino 6 beta when that surfaces… no pun intended. If it’s possible for us to do it would be there.


Very cool operations Very similar to Catia. I second that request. I think it would be a major leap for Rhino.