Wish: better Windows multitouch performance on Grasshopper

When working on a touchscreen laptop I find using the touchscreen a very fast, direct and easy way to navigate content. It works great in Rhino, Photoshop, Chrome, even Outlook! …but Grasshopper: it’s very laggy. Is this something that can be improved for GH2?

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Probably, the Eto UI framework is probably more mature about touchscreens and gestures than winforms ever was.

that’s great David, and for extra credit if you are bored and with some time in your hands you could also explore implementing Windows Ink!

imagine being able to handwrite modules, components and connections… like this:

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Plus one for touch and pen, interface for grasshopper. Rhino 6 is great on surface book 2, great if grasshopper can keep up :slight_smile: it would be enough to zoom and navigate