Zoom in Grasshopper: Trackpad vs Wheel vs Alt

Lastest build (5E236w) introduced changes to the GH navigation. Panning with two fingers in the trackpad seems nice, and the coherence with main Rhino viewport is welcome, but that option should come with Pinch to Zoom. Either way, I also think that being “forced” to press the Alt+key for a simple zoom is abusive, and there should be an option in the Preferences for Scroll a)Zoom a)Pan and the Alt would choose the opposite option.

I agree that pinch to zoom is the other missing feature. I did get this implemented in the V6 version of Mac Rhino (yet to be released). This did not get added to the current version of Mac Rhino because it required a large number of code changes and I didn’t want to risk breaking any existing functionality in our stable product.

I still feel strongly that the possibility of user interface like the Windows version is needed. Please add a preference so that people can zoom without the need to press the alt key.

I agree. I think supporting the “old-school” way of canvas manipulation (as a non-default option) is important for those users who have trained their muscles to do it that way. Logged in RH-42586.