Anyone had any luck with the Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro?

I have a 15" Surface Book 2 that is spec’d out and Rhino 6 runs just fine on it in laptop mode. I can use the touchscreen to manipulate the viewports fine. But using the pen does not yield mouse-like results. Touching the screen doesn’t produce a mouse-click but 1 in every 10 touches or so, most times it simply moves the viewport a little.

I also can’t seem to get it to behave normally with the touchpad. I have no right-click functionality and two-finger movements zoom instead of pan.

Is Rhino usable with a touchpad or Pen?

With a mouse.

I have a Surface Pro 4 with a bluetooth keyboard and USB mouse, i7, and 16GB RAM
Since it only has an Intel Iris display adapter it runs, but it’s not quick.
I would not consider one for use as a primary modeling computer.
For traveling or remote tech support, it’s fine.
It was quite expensive.
The touch screen is not very useful for Rhino.

It’s plenty powerful enough. i7 8650U, 16 gigs ram, nvidia 1060 gpu, etc.

It’s fine with a mouse and keyboard. Rhino is just unusable with the touchpad or the pen.

Yes, we’ve established that it is usable with a mouse. The question is whether or not there is any way to make it usable with a touchpad or a pen or really any way a convertible can be used on the go.

I read usually not usable. Sorry for that :slight_smile:

Hi Greg,

I have the original Surface Book and, while I normally use a Logitech Bluetooth mouse for Rhino, I just tried the pen with Rhino 6 and it selects, clicks etc like a mouse so I could draw, move, use the gumball etc. It felt like there might have been 30 seconds initially while the pen and Rhino got to know one another, but I could be imagining that. The pen has a right click capability.

The touchpad recognises a two finger zoom gesture, but to pan you can right press and drag (on my Book right press is a physical move down on the bottom right corner of the pad).

I have my Book set up to use the Nvidia graphics with Rhino so the disconnect is disabled while Rhino is running. I don’t ever use it as a tablet anyhow. Rhino is 6 SR12 by the way.

I won’t be chucking my mouse away, but the other devices seem to be viable.

@jeremy5, yes you’re right.

You can pan, click, select with the pen. I think Rhino is already compatible with this :smiley: