Wish: Annotation style duplicate for fast adjustments

Hi guys, it would be great if we could make a duplicate of an Annotation Style.
(and maybe the ability to save to a .ini file too? for easy import into another document)

IIRC, if you punch the “New” button it opens a dialog with a list of available styles for you to copy - so basically you do have a duplicate.

I guess a script could be written to write an .ini, lots of settings though.

No, because I have already adjusted the one in the file to my liking. So if I install a new one then I have to do all those changes once more. Thus the wish stands :wink:

Yeah, but IIRC again, basing your new style on the one from your list should make an exact copy including your mods… no?

I stand corrected!
You are 100% correct Mitch!