Wish: Allow Default material's color to use object's Display Color

If the Default material’s color could be set to use the object’s Display Color, then when the display mode’s Color & material usage is switched between Object’s color and Rendering material, only faces with overridden materials would display in different colors.

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Hi Steve - see if SynchronizeRenderColors does anything you like.


In the last 2 images below, I placed "?"s over cases where the material display* was not updated to the object color. In V7, SynchronizeRenderColors changed the green layer’s material to blue. I like that the materials were retained for faces that were individually set (right column).

*In both V6 and V7, in Material in the Properties panel, the material for the second column objects still show as being the red material. Shouldn’t they be changed to their displayed material?

Shaded with Color & material usage set to Rendering material:
After SynchronizeRenderColors, selecting all breps:
V6: image V7: image
Before_SynchronizeRenderColors.3dm (347.8 KB)