Grasshopper Canvas Named View Shortcut

I find the dropdown menu for the Canvas Named Views not exactly useful in my workflows and would like to set shortcuts to toggle Named Views on the Grasshopper canvas. Could this please be enabled?

Right now I’m using Jump but I find it only really works in a perfect definition where you go back and forth between a few places on the canvas. As soon as I have to zoom in / out or drag elsewhere, I’d have to first set a correct Named View to use Jump the way I set it up. At this point I’m wondering why I’m even using Jump since a few Named Views with a per view dedicated zoom level would be so much more useful.

Is there a way to access Named Views with code?

@andheum could this maybe be a new Metahopper feature?

In the meantime I found this:

GH_NamedView.Name Property (

I don’t understand how to retrieve the Named View names unfortunately…


import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Grasshopper as gh

ghCanvas = gh.GH_InstanceServer.ActiveCanvas



How can I get the Named Views I set for the GH Canvas (solver, reference, input) and set one of these Named Views with python?

@gankeyu maybe?

I haven’t dug into this issue but try this:



Thank you so much. This works.

What would need to be added to the line of code above to get the actual names of the Named Views?

Maybe something like this:

nv = gh.GH_InstanceServer.ActiveCanvas.Document.Properties.ViewList

for i in nv:
    print i.Name
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Thank you @Adam_M

I found a solution to toggle Grasshopper Named Views according to a manually created and sorted list: (13.4 KB)

I still think it would be nice if Grasshopper named views could be overwritten or edited after they are created and sorted. As of now, two named views can have identical names which to me is useless.


It would be convenient to bring up a view just by typing the name of a view. How do you think is it feasible to implement in grasshopper?