Wish : a "refrain from computing" mode for slider interaction (with control button)


  • A GH definition with significative computation time (> 1’)
  • A slider for an input parameter with the value “2.50”
  • you wish to input “1.75” instead of “2.50”

There are 2 user ways to do that

  1. “directly” on the slider. Problem: it is difficult to make the perfect mouse move to reach the 1.75 value. It is a hassle since every try provokes a new computation and it will takes (nb tries)*(computation time) until you reach the wanted value

  2. edit the slider (RMB) and set up the value directly (at the bottom of the window) then press OK. THEN computatioon occurs. Problem: you need a a RMB and OK extra interactions compared with the “direct” way.


  • allow “direct” interaction with a “refrain from computing” mode (with a Control Button pressed). The computation then starts when the Control Button is released.

Cherry on the cake:

  • allow the “refrain from computing” mode for sliders in the Remote Control Panel

While I often also find it annoying that a solution is updated incrementally when moving the value of a slider with the mouse, double clicking does the job in your scenario.

Actually you could add a Data Dam after the slider

Hello @martinsiegrist, I was unaware of both double click and data dam. Both are workarounds but they are good workaround. Thks a lot.
Do you know any similar workaround for the remote control panel ?

Not using the control panel very often. I think the buttons are too small. Using two 4k displays, I also don’t really see why I should use the control panel. I mostly interact directly with my Grasshopper definition.

Interesting, that makes me feel amateurish because I use a laptop with a 16’ screen. Hence, RCP comes very handy.:slight_smile: