Organize the number sliders into one location

I’m not sure if this is even doable but whenever I create a definition I have sliders all over the place and I have to hunt for them when making changes. I thought it would very helpful and convenient for the input parameters to show up in a centralized location where the values could be adjusted in real time and see the result. Maybe this already exists?

One option would be to move them all into one place.
The other would be to use the remote control panel. Find it under View>RemoteControlPanel.
Right click the slider and say publish to remote control panel.

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The remote control panel should work well!

Try Telemetry…


I couldn’t find any information on this component. Could you be more specific?

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Hi - I take it that Bill referred to the Telepathy plug-in:


Thanks - I just downloaded and installed it. It may be overkill for what I need (artwork for metal casting) but looks interesting.