Get off the Bike - Lazy Zombie Sliders Desperately Needed!

OK so, so you have a huge GH definition downstreams your Number Slider and you don’t dare touching the Slider.

Because the Slider fires on every “resolution tick” while dragging.

Therefore, if @DavidRutten would consider taking a breake from his MT Bike and join the forces again, I suggest adding a state or mode to the Number Slider activated with RMB which opens the Component menu presenting an option reading “Lazy Output”, meaning that the Slider now fires its output value only after the LM button is released, and not while dragging.

Made available for GH1/Rhino6.

In short, I’m in desperate need of realtime performance for moving reference planes and points for further complex calculations of geometry (example pictured below).

Slider De Luxe available tomorrow? Cough, cough, cough. :sunglasses:

// Rolf

User interaction choked due to sliders firing like crazy:

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Lately, because I am also annoyed by this, I place data dams after every slider that triggers a huge calculation

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Would be very nice. I entwine all my sliders, data dam and explode it afterwards. So I need atleast just one dam.

I haven’t used Data dam very much so I’m a bit uncertain of its function. Is it possible to automatically “close” the dam and then “open” it again, like when a Slider starts changing and when it stops?

I do have my own “data switch” (with a boolean inport switching it to an empty inport) but it requires manual ticking it “off” before touching the slider(s) and then “on” again afterwards.

// Rolf

seems not too dissimilar from entering a value manually

oh wait. i see what you mean now.
my bad.

This is actually a valid point, but, this approach doesn’t work when using RPC sliders since those sliders can’t be set “manually”, so fixing the problem must involve fixing also the RPC.

// Rolf

The dam has a button. As long as you don‘t press it, you can change everything before the dam, but it still stores the output from Its last calculation . So everything after won‘t get calculated if you change the slider. Once you press the button, the output will be updated and the rest of the script gets calculated. Try it, could be a workaround for you :slight_smile:

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Aha, I didn’t know that! Thanks for the hint.

Does Data Dam’s propagate to the RPC? (well, I will have to try that). If not, then I’m still between a rock and a hard place in my current particular case.

Edit: Unfortunately the Data Dam doesn’t publish on the Remote Control Panel.

// Rolf

Another, but related, solution is to set a “delay” on the Data Dam, so that you have some amount of time before the Data Dam automatically “opens” again. I tried this with a one second delay. I could then make one scary slider change while the computation was halted.

Fig 1. Selecting a delay on the Data Dam:

That is actually solving my current problem. Well, almost, since I say only “woe unto you user if you don’t bring the Slider to the desired position within that very second…”

@DavidRutten: Never mind me calling you out to get off your bike. Keep biking, but when done biking, please have a look at implementing in the Sliders the same functionality as pictured above, and very important, add also the option to not fire at all before releasing the mouse button from the Slider.

// Rolf

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