Wires style - thickness

HI , I am having avery hard time to see the preselected wires on GH canvas

is there a way to increase their thickness ?

Many thanks in advance

I don’t think there is a built-in method for that.
I think you can change things like this with additional coding, because I saw some projects where someone had wires displayed differently, but I don’t know the method to do this manually.

i tried to seek for this parameter in the “grasshopper_gui.xml” inside setting folder but i could not find wire thickness.

Point is that right now its quite buggy , i select the component and i cannot see the corresponding preselected item in rhino viewport , to visualize it i need to randomly zoom in and out untill it becomes barely visible.

It looks like existing geometry is overlapping and hiding GH virtual geometry.

Hope someone will be able to give me a solution cause its hard to work in this situation


Does this happen in any situation or just with a particular file?

Try to make something not-big like, in an empty file, make a circle at origin with radius 10mm … still problem?

HI Riccardo and sorry for late reply
I have the problem on all edges , the real geometry overlap virtual gh geometry
see pic below ( on third one i have hided srf ) , attached you can also find file,

20210401 gh preview.gh (10.5 KB)


You have this option enabled, what happens if you disable it?

Consider that often is useful to disable the preview of components you don’t want to see…

Anyway, i see that problem too.
@stevebaer (I summon you as I don’t know who else to call :see_no_evil: )
Enabling “Only draw preview geometry for selected objects” make the preview of curves/wires be drawn behind rhino geometries.

Are you referring to objects that are selected in Rhino or are these selected components on the grasshopper canvas?

@DavidRutten is this something you know about?

Made a stupid gif… :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, I added this to our bug list at

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@stevebaer thanks for adding it to the bug list , would you please consider adding an option to display menù or explain how to act on “grasshopper_gui.xml” thus to adjust the thickness of preselected objects ?

I dont know if it partially depend on the bug above but the preselected entities are now very hard to see…i remember reporting this long time ago since the visibility problem showed up on switching from GH RH5 to GH RH6 but it still affect the workflow


@stevebaer : isn’t there a possibility to modify preselcted edges thickness by acting on “grasshopper_gui.xml” ? If so would You please let me know which parameter to act on ?

I am having a very hard time to work because selected crv or edges are not or just barely visible

many thanks in advance

This is really something for David. I made a bug and put it on his list. Beyond that, I haven’t done any deeper investigation.

@stevebaer thanks anyway for your answers.
@DavidRutten isn’t there a possibility to modify preselcted edges thickness by acting on “grasshopper_gui.xml” ?

many thanks in advance

Good morning dear All

I would like to ask you if there is any chance to increase preselected objects edges thickness by acting on “grasshopper_gui.xml” ?

I am having avery hard time to debug my script because sometime its very hard to visualize result.

I am looking forward to your answer cause this thing is really struggleing

many thanks in advance

Find Preview:SelectionThickening in Grasshopper_kernel.xml

Just hide everything you don’t want to see, or better say, just show what you want to see.

RH-63627 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.8 Service Release Candidate

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