Ho to increase thickness of preselected objects to make them more visible

HI There

I am having an hard time to undestand which objects “belong” to a given component when components on canvas are preselected thus cause the thichkness on preselected objects does not increase enough.

question : how can i increase the thickness of border curves and/or isocurves belonging to these preselected objects ?



Selected previews will be drawn in a different colour, but not in a different thickness. They should also draw slightly closer to the camera than unselected objects (at least in recentish version of Rhino6) so if you have two shapes in the same place, the selected one should always pop up on top.

Hi David and thanks for your answer

I undestand and confirm what you say but on Rh5 GH 9.0076 the preselected objects were much more visible no matter what the color was…they simply poped up clearly and with no effort for the eyes

I don’t know on what this depended by after upgrading to Wip first and now to RH6 I have lost the prompt and clear recognition of preselcted objects, now they are barely visible

My wish would be to find a way to thicked on highlight them with no effort for the eyes

If you can confirm that they were more visible and if you can suggest me a solution in order to bring preselected objects view’s options back to the 9.0076’s standard I’d really appreciate

thanks a lot in advance



I am still having a very hard time with preselected object… i think they are barely visible expecially when overlapped to existing rhino geometry ( in my case those made visible by plugin "selectable preview " ) …is it still impossible to thicken this preselected objects ? any change to add the possibility for the user to setup the desired thickness ?



there is a component from Human exactly for what you need.
It is called CustomPreviewLineweights