Viewport visibility options changed?

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with the ‘visibility’ drop down display view settings. Typically I use ‘technical’ to export 2D drawings. All of a sudden all my views are showing objects like they are wireframe only (except there are no outlines). I am sure there used to be these click boxes like ‘show silhouette’ and ‘show hidden lines’ and now there are none of the boxes I remember. Is this true?
if so, how do I make these views look like 2d drawings again? I don’t want to do make2d’s again like we used to!

all the ‘rendered’ and shaded versions are great.

what I have done:
I just updated Rhino7 to the latest service release candidate (7.8.21187.5001)
I just updated my entire windows 10 suite - nvidia drivers, intel drivers, bios, everything I could.
went back to the last service release (7.7.xxxxxxx)

Something that might be a clue: in the notifications panel, it says my intel and nvidia drivers are not up to date, but they definitely are.

please let me know if I am losing my mind or not! In the meantime, I’m going to try to go back to an even earlier service release of Rhino if I can find it.


I found a way to get around around this in case this happens to other people too:

I just took the ‘pen’ display option, copied it, and changed everything back to the old ‘technical’ settings.

kind of a pain, as I just have to update all my old layouts and viewports, but not too terrible.

it seems like there are two ‘styles’ of visibility options:

the ‘old technical’

and the ‘new Sub D’

interestingly, making a new display option defaults to the Sub D visibility options (no silhouette, hidden line options). I couldn’t find a way to ‘switch’ between the visibility modes.

Hello - to get ‘Technical’ features the mode has to be set to use the ‘Technical2D’ display pipeline -


Perfect, thanks Pascal :grinning: