WIP QuadRemesh Issues

Hello Community,
i have an issue with the new QuadRemesh Function, on Cup´s it twist the handle a bit?

anyone has an fix for that Problem ?

you’ll need to supply the model or more info in order for me to be more helpful.

Is it Helpful if i post the settings and the Basic model vs the Remashed one ?
i cant supply the .obj of the Model .

the original model and settings would be helpful.

Here are the Images with the Original Cup and the Remeshed one the issue is only at the Handle

The Original

After Remeshing

Left Original Right Remeshed

if you’re looking to make it smooth why not convert it to a subd or run smooth on the result? Otherwise add more polygons until you’re happy. Remeshing doesn’t not smooth the result.

The Problem is this part is on the Original Smooth but in the Remeshed version not.
i push the Polygons over 100.000 but this issue is still happen

use the same number of target quad count as the original has. If you want the results smoothed you should consider smoothing or converting to a subd.