Quad remesh trial

Hello guys I was trying to remesh this and it turned out it is not meshing well I tried both options with hard edges and without

sorry here are the fies 1

quadremesh trial.3dm (542.0 KB)

The edge to vertex relationship is odd in this mesh. I used the Weld command to weld the mesh at 20 degrees. Using Edge Analysis you can see this changes the Mesh having “Edges” at the creases.

The result of the quadremesher is better then:

Is that more what you are looking for?

Where is this mesh from? I see areas that there are small gaps in the mesh that may not need to be there:

Agreed, the quad remesher won’t repair issues with an input mesh, in most cases it amplifies existing issues.

The Mesh was developed in rhino, so basically I made this mesh first with kangaroo which was quad

then I used mesh to nurbs after i mesh it again which gave me this bad mesh and I just wanted to try the new quad remesh with this if it works, it was just an idea I had to try quadremesh i just wanted to see and test it !! Thanks anyways.