WIP OSX questions

I noticed that WIP for OSX is out, Great!

  • When are plugins going to work, Tsplines and Section tools.



Hi Dave,

I cannot say when 3rd party plug-ins, such as T-Splines, as we have not yet published an SDK for Rhino OS X. But you should start to see more McNeel-developed plug-ins appearing in future WIP releases.

is paneling tools a plugin or is it native on windows as well?

What I remember, is that Paneling tools is built right into OSX, without toolbars, just command line. For Windows Rhino it is a plug-in, like Grasshopper (McNeel built).

Type pt in command line to get Panelling tools.


right… i use paneling tools on mac.

i guess my question is more along the lines of-
is paneling tools an example of a plugin working on mac or is it hooked up in such a way that’s it’s not really a plugin ?


Any plan of adding a Python Editor anytime soon?


PanelingTools is a “real” plug-in as far as Rhino is concerned. Mac Rhino looks for plug-ins that we build and put inside the application bundle and loads them at run-time. Mac Rhino doesn’t have a plug-in manager, so there is no capability for loading plug-ins other than the ones we build ourselves.

We are not ready to release a Mac SDK yet, so there is not a way for third parties to create plug-ins yet.

We are trying to make all Python scripting support cross-platform, so that the programming support is the same on both Mac and Windows. For example, almost all the RhinoCommon functionality already exists and is available for Python scripting on the Mac.

The same will be true for a Python editor. I’m not sure of the status, but when there is a Python editor on Windows, it should also be available on the Mac.

Umm, there is already a Python editor for Windows integrated into Rhino (it works really well too!), has been since the beginning…


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Maybe @stevebaer knows…

Unfortunately the editor is a large project with very “Windows” specific code. It is something we eventually need to figure out and add.

I have always thought that it would be nice to figure out how to support remote debugging in python which would allow you to several different stand alone python editors for writing and debugging rhino python scripts.

OK, thanks for the explanations Steve… I would be quite happy with a simple editor for Mac (when it happens) it would allow me to test and debug scripts more easily on Mac, therefore encouraging me to write more for Mac people…