WIP 5C41W still blocks "objects intersection."

Even with the WIP 5C41W blocks often occur during the execution of the command “objects intersection.” Only solution forced exit and loss of work in the last minute.
OS X 10.9.5
intersezione da oggetti.mp4 (5.9 MB)

Please post your model and detailed directions on how to duplicate the problem.

I tried to send the file privately but I always get an error from the server when loading the zip file.

Use this file upload tool:

Use mactech@mcneel.com as the notification address.

Include this URL in the description:

That’s exactly what I did, but I get error from the server. I try again tomorrow. Thank you.

I just tested it again and it’s working for me.

Retry again

edit: Sent

Sorry, I’m late to the party. I tested this and I cannot reproduce this behavior on my machine.

Thanks dan. The problem is so unpredictable. I can publish more videos if reoccurs, I can provide the command history, if it needs further information is available. The problem with total lock Rhino during command intersections, there for me from many versions of Rhino. It never happened so often to represent a serious problem.