WIP 3D Model DFS School Glider SG 38 Primary Glider

I will post here the work in progress of an SG 38 Primary school glider 3D model for FSS game development.

2014 first version attempt. Screenshot inside private Soaring Simulator alpha. No Photoshop only GPU post-process effect and C# code for the frame (no pilot).

Flight Soaring Simulator

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The first 3D model version was done in 2011 using Google Sketchup.
But I need to make a second version inside Rhino because the Sketchup mesh was a disaster.

The fist model was used inside my very first game prototype RAD game engine and code using Ángel Script.
First screenshots


Later at 2012 I try Unreal game engine at version UDK3. Obscure and dark times because I was searching how to code in it and that was reflected in the execution. At night and doors almost.

Modeling in Sketchup was simple. Easy to extrude and create this wood frame. But for making curves and more complex surface was difficult. This glider was simple enough. The UV mapping was simple. just tiling small texture to cover all the surface area for simulating wood.

All that simplicity has advantage of fast start but turns out not useful for quality.
After testing also CryEngine I pass to Unity. in it I learn how to code my game.
This is a screenshot inside Unity


After importing my Sketchup model into Rhino,

discovered there were several flipped meshes normals.

So I end up using the double side mesh option inside shader material. With a performance drop in the game because has to render the model twice.
Also, the UV mapping was a disaster

The normals were good enough

I try to flip all the normals but since there were a lot of disconnected polysurface,

It was impossible to preserve the normal while flipping and rejoining the mesh.

Now I started a second version of this 3D model using Rhino 7 and handy Worksession to connect every project part (wing, fuselage, etc).

First, I try fixing the smaller parts and and using simple method similar to Sketchup

But also trying the new tools as for example SubD (for the tips of the wing).

After converting subd quads to surface

UV mapping in RizomUV Real Space and Adobe Substance Painter for the textures.


Thanks for showing parts of your process thus far. Pretty interesting!
This would be a great model to fully parametrize in Grasshopper. :smiley:
You could have everything from the wingspan to the size of the seat fully adjustable.

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Yes! I will do that in version 3 final. This is a kind of beta vertion
I have done that in the past. With the intention of making it like a new imaginary aeronautic factory. I didn’t think to make it in this case. Is a great idea thank you for the comment!

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The first attempt of real-time rendering inside Unity 2020LTS using HDRP.

I open the default HDRP scene in Unity 2020 and imported the Rhino FBX 3D mesh
For the textures, I exported them out from Substance Painter.


More Rhino 7 Technical and Raytraced views