WindowsForms vs Eto.Forms

Hi everyone,

I want to create my plugin as Rhino Panel. So I am using the Eto.Forms.Panel library for it. When I use WindowsForms, it is really easy to arrange buttons, labels and their properties etc… Thanks to ToolBox of Windows Forms as you can see image below,

The question is, Do Eto.Forms have these ToolBox? If Eto.Forms use WindowsForms as base, I thought it should be. I am open for any suggesstion beside this.

Thanks in advance

– Dale

I wasn’t asking API Documentation,
I mean Windows.Forms Toolbox in the Visual Studio, as you can see at left of image, there is many drag-and-drop functionality of UI. I am asking the Eto.Forms has these kind of drag-and-drop toolbox or not? Because Eto.Forms claim that using Windows.Forms behind.


That’s the winforms visual designer.
I don’t think there is one for Eto.Forms yet.
By the way, would you happen to have any experience with DataGridView? I’ve been having trouble updating the table. See my question here

@dale Perhaps you can shed some lights? More specifically than my stackoverflow question, I want to click a button and call RhinoGet.GetMultipleObjects(). Then have my DataGridView update with metadata belonging to selected objects. Nothing will get my datagridview to update after selecting objects. Maybe I need a way to let RhinoGet block my winforms thread during selecting?

@curtis, can you help with the drag & drop, ui designer tool question?

@Will_Wang, can you move your question (for me) to a new thread?


– Dale