RhinoCommonPlugin For V7 can not find WinForm

When I create a new solution in visual studio 2019, it is a RhinoCommon Plug-In for Rhino7(C#).

Everything is ok, but I want to add a Window Forms , i can not find “Winform” or “Dialog” item, and Eto.Forms exists.

But when I use RhinoCommon Plug-In for Rhino6 's solution , add a new item ," WInform" or “Dialog” item exist.


Reference System.Windows.Forms library in your project.

We recommend using the Eto.forms library for GUI development. We use it also for the plug-in code we create ourselves (like Rhino Render settings panels).

Thank for your reply, but I have already refreence System.Windows.Forms.

I know that Eto forms library is recommanded. but My ProjectManager wish me use C# Windowns.forms.
And when i use Eto.Forms View, Eto.Forms 's Toolbox is null.

Hi @ddseven_2000,

For non cross-platform projects, try this:

1.) Open your project’s .vcproj file in a text editor
2.) Change Microsoft.NET.Sdk to Microsoft.NET .Sdk.WindowsDesktop at the top
3.) Add <UseWindowsForms>True</UseWindowsForms> and/or <UseWpf>True</UseWpf> to the <PropertyGroup>

Does this help?

– Dale

Hi Dale.

Thank for your help. It’s work.

I open the csproj file and add UseWindownsForm=True item in PropertyGroup. Then I open the solutaion again, it’s resolved.

I did not change Microsoft.Net.Sdk to Microsoft.Net.Sdk.WindowDesktop, i think it doesnt’s matter.

Thank for your help agian.