Windows 7 support

why has windows 7 install been disabled? it’s difficult to deal with upgrading OS during work from home pandemic… is there a way to override this?

Hi @footcandles,

One reason is that Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015 and extended support January 2020. There are also technical reasons we’ve chosen drop support.

And, no, here is no way around this.

– Dale

wow. that is super lame. you could have given a warning rather than just expiring the software with no way to continue working.

Can you extend the expire of the last version of win 7 version? Because change os is a big events of working platform

  • It’s a WIP, it’s officially for testing only.
  • Your first warning to upgrade came in 2015, then January 2020. This is also not a surprise at all if you’ve been following the WIPs, it was just a matter of when some change would completely break it on Win 7 or it would be cut off like this. I’m absolutely certain no amount of notice would have been sufficient.

Hi -

The last WIP that supported Window 7 was 7.0.20147. That should continue to run to - more or less - July 10th and that should give you time to either save WIP files to the Rhino 6 format or update the OS.
You can find a link to that last WIP in this discussion:



thanks for the link!

a popup in the app that says the next version will not support your os would have been the way to do notify people.

i’m not responsible for my work machine. someone else has to update it. not an uncommon situation.