Rhino 7 WIP no longer installs on Windows 7

If you run Windows 7, please upgrade to Windows 10 to use Rhino WIP.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

As of today’s WIP, Rhino WIP will not install on Windows 7.

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W7 RIP :pensive:

Is this a policy decision you made, or will WIP7 not run on W7 if the installer allowed it to be installed, ie: does WIP7 now use features that W7 doesn’t have? If so, I’m curious what those might be.


There are several phases to this project. Phase 1 is a policy decision and a change to the installer. Phase 2 will involve upgrading the platform toolset we use to compile Rhino (which will make it simultaneously incompatible with Windows 7 and improve compatibility and availability of new features in Windows 10). There are bugs in communications with Cloud Zoo, for example, that it will be possible to resolve by upgrading the minimum system Rhino can run on.

So its going to expire and i can’t install again? that blows. I’ve got 4 jobs going in it.

The License tab in the About command will tell you how many days you have to get a Windows 10 system setup and running.

9 days, ouch

Did you install last week’s WIP? That should put you at more than 9 days

No i didn’t, is that still available?


That should be this one:


Thanks, my IT dept will be happy, i’m the last win 7 machine on the network.

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microsoft is continuous support window 7 if you pay, why rhino wip can’t run, window 10 is more bug os…, very unstabable

Windows 7 ESU ends Dec 2020, then Windows 7 will not be supported at all.

Rhino 7 is not yet released, and if it is release before Dec 2020, will only be available for a few months before the final end of support from Microsoft.

Rhino 7 does not run on Windows 7.

If you have decided that Windows 10 is not a viable platform for you, please buy a Mac, and run macOS. Rhino is fully supported on recent releases of macOS.

Help! the latest Rhino 6 update just killed my rhinoinside revit. I still have 15 days left on the WIP. Big Deadline in the morning, Win 10 computer is hrs away.

@Rickson Please install the latest Rhino WIP and Rhino.Inside.Revit and let us know if you still see issues

my primary machine is Win7, i’m under the impression that the latest WIP won’t load. I’m transitioning to a win 10 before my WIP expires a few more weeks.

Yes so Rhino WIP does not support windows 10 as @brian mentioned. Rhino.Inside.Revit needs Rhino WIP to work.

the latest WIP only now? bugger.

This isn’t a liquidated damages type due date, I just promised a lot that would not be possible without the workflow of Rhino Inside Revit that i’m using.

I realize its beta and bleeding edge so live by the sword and die by it, at least i can fall on it today.